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Traffic tickets can happen to anyone. For most of us, the answer seems to be to pay the ticket and move on. However, this can cause serious problems down the road, as Missouri’s point system can lead to accumulated points that eventually lead to license suspension and increased insurance rates. There are good reasons not to pay traffic tickets. Contact the Law Office of Michael Crawford for help from a Kansas City traffic lawyer.

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How Points Add Up

Because a single traffic ticket doesn’t seem like a big deal, many people just pay them without any thought of how it could affect them later. Most traffic infractions make up nearly half of a person’s allotted points, meaning two tickets within a year could result in a suspended license—a problem far more difficult to remedy than a single traffic ticket.

The points accumulation system is as follows:

  • 4 points within a year: You will receive an advisory letter alerting you about how close you are to a suspended license.
  • 8 points within 18 months: License suspension of 30 days, 60 for a second suspension, and 90 for third or subsequent suspensions.
  • 12 points within a year: License suspension for one year.
  • 18 points within 2 years: License suspension for one year.
  • 24 points within 3 years: License suspension for one year.

You can find the form for the points value of each traffic infraction by clicking here.

How Long do Points Stay on Your Driving Record in Missouri?

Missouri drivers license points stay on the record for three years. If you go for one year without any new points, the points on your license drop by one-third. After two years without any new points, the points drop by one-half. After you get a speeding ticket, you might ask “How many points are on my license now?” There’s a simple way to find out. You can call the state’s interactive voice system at (573) 526-2407. You can order a copy of your driving record by going online to the DMV website and filling out a form.

Get Help from a Kansas City Traffic Lawyer before Paying the Ticket

Our firm understands the value of preventing a ticket from going on your driver record. We have built a practice out of helping our clients avoid having too many points accumulate on their record, and we can help you as well. Call our criminal defense firm today to schedule a free consultation with a traffic attorney in Kansas City, MO.

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